Deadline: March 16, 2020


  • embody some aspect(s) of the diocesan vision
  • are in the spirit of the bishop’s call for a Season of Discipleship
  • “prime the pump” for Transforming Futures initiatives
  • go beyond parish boundaries to embrace regional co-operation and the wider community
  • represent new ways of “being church”

As well, the jury is particularly interested in projects which address the challenges raised by the recent reports on trends in church attendance and funding, both in this diocese and across the Anglican Church of Canada.  

Preference continues to be given to ideas that are creative, innovative and transformational; that have tangible support from other sources; and that are well thought-out, feasible, and likely to be implemented and deliver concrete results.  

The amount of funds available to be awarded is limited, and the jury is already aware of several promising potential proposals in development, so proponents are strongly encouraged to keep these criteria in mind, and demonstrate clearly how their applications further these goals.  

The jury welcomes enquiries and expressions of interest well in advance of the deadline, when there is time for consultation to help refine submissions for maximum effectiveness.


  1. The Vision Fund jury, appointed by the bishop, will review and recommend Vision Fund grants for approval by diocesan finance committee and diocesan council.

  2. Applications for grants should take the form of a submission (perhaps a letter with attachments) which:

⦁ Identifies the entity or entities making the application.
⦁ Provides a brief description of the project proposal.
⦁ Explains how the project meets the mandate criteria described above.
⦁ Describes how the project learnings and outcomes might be of benefit to the diocese as a whole, and how the proponents plan to share those learnings and outcomes.
⦁ Specifies the amount of funds being requested, and the total budget of the project, including other sources of funding. Preference will be given to projects with multiple funding sources, and especially those where the proponents themselves are contributing financial resources.
⦁ Provides other relevant background information.
⦁ Is signed by at least one officer of each entity involved, identifies their positions, and provides contact information.
⦁ Is submitted by e-mail to with the phrase “Vision Fund: Expression of Interest” in the subject line.

4. Submissions should be for expenditures which can be completed within a year of approval. The maximum amount which can be approved this year for any one project is $7,500. Exceptions may be considered to allow higher funding levels for multi-parish projects demonstrating a particularly high degree of co-operation and innovation.

5. Submissions may be approved in whole or in part, and specific conditions may be attached to the jury’s decisions.

6. Successful applicants will be expected to provide reports to the Diocese on the use of their funds and the outcomes of their projects. They will also be expected to describe how they plan to share their experiences as widely as possible in their regions and across the diocese, and to follow through on those plans.

As always, the jury reserves the right to be flexible in its decision-making process, and to make exceptions to its guidelines and criteria in order to fulfill the spirit of its mandate. If you have an idea which you believe is deserving of consideration, you are encouraged to bring it forward. Often, the jury will work with proponents to shape and refine their proposals to improve their chances of success. At the same time, please bear in mind that available funds are limited, and it will likely not be possible to recommend funding for all deserving applications.

The jury welcomes enquiries and expressions of interest well in advance of the deadline, when there is time for consultation to help refine submissions for maximum effectiveness.

For more information, or to ask questions and seek advice or assistance with your proposal, please contact the Vision Fund Jury at



From 2016 to 2019 $530 thousand in juried grants were disbursed through the Vision Fund to “faithfully seed local, regional and diocese-wide initiatives that give tangible expression to the Diocesan Vision.” Vision Fund 1.0 was a one-time undertaking, which was deemed to be very successful. From the outset, it anticipated a future fundraising campaign that would allow the work to continue over the longer term. Synod 2018 ratified that initiative, under the title of Transforming Futures.

Under Transforming Futures, parishes will raise an additional 115% of one year’s annual givings over a three-to five-year period. 60% of those additional funds will remain in the parish to support projects consistent with the diocesan Vision and the Season of Discipleship. Many of these projects will likely be similar to those supported by Vision Fund 1.0. It is anticipated that over the next five years, most parishes in the diocese will participate in Transforming Futures. More about Transforming Futures can be found here.

The Five-Year Financial Plan presented and approved at Synod 2018 contemplates a second and slightly different set of Vision Fund grants. The money for Vision 2.0 will come from the 40% share of Transforming Futures revenue that is managed at the synod office. Resources will also be set aside for the work of the Vision Implementation Teams and other special purpose funds to support specific aspects of the diocesan Vision.

Financial Commitment

Diocesan Finance Committee and Diocesan Council have approved a  financial commitment of a total of $60,000 in 2020 toward Vision Fund 2.0 grants.