This page provides resources for you to lead worship services, Morning and Evening Prayer, and the Liturgy of the Word, a church service without the Eucharist. 

(For those lay persons wishing to lead the primary Sunday worship service, please contact Paula Blundell at the Synod Office regarding obtaining a Lay Ministry certificate to do so.) 

Resources are provided for the BAS and BCP prayerbooks as well as other forms of leading the Liturgy of the Word. Also provided are resources for a greater understanding of the lectionary and the liturgical year, the context of our Anglican worship, and ways to worship that engage with our bodies as well as minds and spirits. 

The Liturgical Year

Our worship context - global and local

Prayer Books and Prayer Resources online

Please take a look at the extensive list of resources on our own diocesan website.
The Anglican Church of Canada has a great page of worship resources to download. You can also download the following by clicking on these links:

Leading a Prayer Service


Choose from a variety of excellent pre-prepared sermons to share with your congregation for each Sunday in the year - Sermons that Work

The Church of England provides sermon resources for different seasons:
Advent and Christmas

Other services to consider

  • Taize offers peaceful, meditative services of candlelight and chanting. This form of worship originated with the ecumenical Taize community in Taize, France. Watch a prayer service here.
  • Celtic worship has its roots first in Ireland, then spreading through Scotland and Britain to the whole world. Learn more and watch a service here.

Recommended reading:

A note:  While Amazon links are given here for convenience, you are actively encouraged to order and purchase these books from your local independent bookstore, or, even better, buy them secondhand (Thrift Books is a great online resource.)