UPDATED: August 2023

Guide to Reporting  

Misconduct, Harassment or Assault 

For serious incidents, such as confirmed child abuse or elder abuse, immediate threats to someone’s personal safety, or sexual assault, please contact the police. 

In the event of a serious allegation, immediately contact the canon pastor at canonpastor@bc.anglican.ca AND the diocesan executive officer, The Ven Eric Partridge. 

For other concerning Safe Church matters (i.e., inappropriate behavior, bullying, power inequities, etc.), please report as follows:

  • To your parish incumbent or priest-in-charge; and if they cannot address the issue or are part of the issue,
  • To your regional archdeacon; and if they cannot address the issue,
  • To the diocesan executive officer, The Ven. Eric Partridge.  

Suspected Child Abuse

If you think a child or youth under 19 years of age is being abused or neglected, you have the legal duty to report your concern to a child welfare worker. Phone 1 800 663-9122 at any time of the day or night. To learn more about reporting suspected child abuse, please visit the BC Goverment website by clicking here. 

If you are a child or youth and would like to talk to someone, please call 310.1234.

Suspected Elder Abuse

The Seniors Advocate Line is a toll-free phone service that provides seniors and their families with support for health-care related issues.

Available Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 1-877-952-3181 or 250-952-3181 in Victoria.

The Seniors Abuse & Information Line (SAIL) toll-free phone service is a safe place for older adults, and those who care about them, to talk to someone about situations where they feel they are being abused or mistreated, or to receive information about elder abuse prevention. 1-866-437-1940   

Suspected Vulnerable Adult Abuse

Island Health has “designated responders” who investigate reports of abuse, neglect, and self-neglect of vulnerable adults.    

Contact the Home and Community Care General Enquiries Line:

  • Victoria - 250-388-2273 or toll free 1-888-533-2273
  • Nanaimo - 250-739-5749 or toll free 1-877-734-4101
  • North Island - 250-331-8570 or toll free 1-866-928-4988

You may also contact any Island Health program that directly provides an adult with health care services with your concerns if you believe the adult is being abused, neglected or self-neglecting.