Our policies protect our diocese. Our Major Policies must be read by all our clergy, lay employees and volunteers. Signed acknowledgement of these Major Policies and committment to act in accordance with them are also required. Upon reading the Major Policies click here to access the acknowledgement form. 

Operational Policies are to assist with dealing with the operational activities of parishes such as travel reimbursement, parking etc.

Diocesan Human Resources Policy

This policy applies to all diocesan employees (clergy and lay). 

Respectful Conduct Policy

This diocesan policy is applicable to all diocesan employees and lay volunteers. It includes the diocesan principles and definitions addressing issues of sexual misconduct, bullying and harassment. The diocese also has a procedure manual used to respond to an allegation of sexual misconduct, bullying or harassment. 

Information Security Policy

In order to provide a variety of services to the many parishes that make up our diocese we have turned to technology for assistance. The synod office has established an information sharing system that utilizes electronic mail, among other applications, as a primary communication medium between the synod office and the various parish administrative offices throughout our region. This policy sets out that system. 

Privacy Policy

The diocesan privacy policy, consistent with the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), sets out how officers, agencies, employees, volunteers and other representatives of our organization collect, use and protect personal information.

Social Media Policy

We recognize the increasing influence of social media in the daily lives of those we minister to and with daily. For this reason, our diocese strives to be a leader in the responsible use of social media for the purpose of living into our vision and proclaiming the good news to the world. This policy was updated in 2019 and is for use at every level of our organization.