Permission to Officiate Requirements

Canon 5.3.a states that “All clergy exercising ministry within the Diocese of Islands and Inlets shall have either a written license or permission to officiate from the bishop.”

A letter of permission to officiate is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Your Request Form is on file in the bishop’s office. (Found at the bottom of this page.)

  2. A Letter of Good Standing from your diocese is on file in the bishop’s office. Or are in good standing in this diocese.

  3. You are actively associated with an Anglican parish and are known to the incumbent, who is aware of and supportive of the ministry being undertaken. The bishop's office will connect with the incumbent, wardens or regional archdeacon to confirm.

  4. The 3 items listed below are on file in the bishop’s office (or valid equivalent from your diocese). Please submit any questions or documentation to Anna van der Hooft at

      • a)   A valid Criminal Record Check (CRC) (for volunteers) or a Police Information Check with Vulnerable Persons Sector check (PIC) (for employees). A valid record is within the last 5 years. For volunteers, you can either request and fill out our Public Safety form OR go to the website and enter our Access Code: T9X4DHYNLX to use the BC services app to complete your CRC request.

      • b)   Safe Church training at Praesidium online completed within the last 5 years, or an equivalent training from your diocese. Request your log in credentials and we will determine with you which modules you are to complete.

      • c)   Signed Policy Acknowledgement form after reading the diocesan policies. Click the link to read the policies and sign and return the A-1 form linked there.

Once the bishop’s office has confirmed receipt of these documents, and upon approval from the bishop, the letter of permission to officiate will be printed and mailed to you or to your local parish.

Permission to Officiate Request Form

To request permission to officiate, download and submit the Permission to Officiate Request Form found at the bottom of this page.