Payroll Forms


New Employees

All new exployees must complete:

  • The Employee Information Form
  • Safe Church Training
  • A Police Information Check
  • The BC Personal Tax Credits Return Form
  • The CRA Personal Tax Credits Return Form
  • A Direct Deposit Form
  • The Anglican Pension Form
  • Employment Agreement (email for a template)

Some positions may also include:

  • The Manulife Benefits Form

Current Employees

The Employee Information Form must be completed and sent to the Diocesan Office (address above) every time there is a change in the personnel information for an employee (a clergyperson receiving employment income from a parish or the Diocese or a lay person on the Diocesan Payroll service). If the Diocesan Office has already received a previous copy of an Employee Information Form for an individual, then only the employee number (or name) and the information that is changing needs to be completed.


All timesheets must be submitted by scheduled deadlines. Timesheets received after scheduled deadlines will be processed in the next pay period.

The Employee Information Form 

Specific instructions for completing the information are as follows: 

•    Effective Date: This is the date that the information on the form takes effect. All changes that affect the Diocesan Payroll Service must be received in the Diocesan Office before the beginning of the month in which they are to take effect.
•    Name, Address, Phone, e-mail: Complete this information as it relates to the employee. Ensure the Postal Code is included.
•    Ordination Date (Clergy Only): For employees that are members of the clergy, please indicate the date of ordination as deacon.
•    Position Title: The employee’s position title (e.g. incumbent, assistant, secretary, etc).
•    Position Start Date: The date that the employee started in this position.
•    Hours of Work: Indicate whether this is a full-time or a part-time position. In the case of a part-time position the average hours worked per month must also be indicated.
•    Salary: Please indicate the old salary and what the new effective salary will be
•    Other Monthly Compensation: Other amounts included in the monthly compensation (e.g. travel, book allowance, etc). For amounts included in the “Other” category (non-travel), please indicate in the “Additional Information” section at the bottom of the form exactly what is included in the amount.
•    Additional Information/Comments: This section is for any additional notes we need to be made aware of
•    Signature, Phone Number, Title: When completed, both the employee and the salary-paying source (wardens and Incumbent, if there is an Incumbent) must sign the form. Please print the name immediately below the line.

If there are any questions about completing the Employee Information Sheet, please contact:

Gillian Astbury-Heinke, Finance Officer 

250-386-7781 ex 244


Meghan Thonger, Executive Assistant to the Synod Office

250-386-7781 ex 242