Hours of Operation: Open Mondays by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment or make a request, please email our archivist, Chance Dixon. 

Email: archives@bc.anglican.ca
Phone: 250.386.7781 x 241

The diocesan archives is the official repository for the records of Synod, its officials, clergy, parishes and organizations. The archives provides safe, secure and controlled storage for non-current parish records, including baptism, marriage and burial records. Its mandate is to provide reasonable access to these records in accordance with the BC Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and church access policies. 

Parish Cemetery Websites and Databases

British Columbia has stringent privacy laws and our Diocese has a Privacy Policy. According to church policy; ceremonies of baptisms, confirmations, marriages and burials are public acts, but register entries are not public documents. Registers are officially designated archival records of the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia.

Personal information in these records may be released for archival or historic purposes if the information is about someone who has been dead for 25 years or more, or the information is based on a record 100 or more years old. Any record less than 25 years old is a current record and the contents may be released only to the individual named or immediate family members.

Offers by third party members to copy parish registers, in exchange for access, are not to be accepted. Burial information should not be given or sold to outside bodies, or posted on websites without the consent of the diocese.  

Any copying of archived register entries for use in compiling a cemetery database must be for accuracy and research purposes only.  However, no entry in its entirety is to be reproduced, no photos, or digital images of those entries embedded and posted online. Linking to archival photographs, and historical documents that are not of a legal or personal nature is no problem, if usage agreements have been signed and proper credit is given to the Synod of the Anglican Diocese of BC and its archives.

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