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As promised in an article in the December Diocesan Post, the Vision Fund Jury is now issuing a formal call for submissions for funding of up to $7,500 for projects that meet the fund’s published criteria. 

Submission deadline — Monday, March 16.  

We are seeking proposals that:

  • embody some aspect(s) of the diocesan vision
  • are in the spirit of the bishop’s call for a Season of Discipleship
  • “prime the pump” for Transforming Futures initiatives
  • go beyond parish boundaries to embrace regional co-operation and the wider community
  • represent new ways of “being church”  

We are particularly interested in projects which address the challenges raised by the recent reports on trends in church attendance and funding, both in this diocese and across the Anglican Church of Canada.  

Preference continues to be given to ideas that are creative, innovative and transformational; that have tangible support from other sources; and that are well thought-out, feasible and likely to be implemented and deliver concrete results.  

The amount of funds available to be awarded is limited, and the jury is already aware of several promising potential proposals in development, so proponents are strongly encouraged to keep these criteria in mind, and demonstrate clearly how their applications further these goals.  

The jury welcomes enquiries and expressions of interest well in advance of the deadline, when there is time for consultation to help refine submissions for maximum effectiveness.  

Depending on the number and quality of submissions received, this may be the last opportunity to apply before the Vision Fund comes to the end of its mandate, and focus shifts to Transforming Futures.  So don’t delay! 

For more information, including guidelines on how to apply, visit the Vision Fund page

To ask a question or submit an expression of interest or full proposal, write to