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Are you a singer who is longing to sing in a choir again? Are you a parish leader who would love to have a ‘guest’ mass choir piece to add to your online Holy Week and Easter celebrations? Seven parishes of the diocese are collaborating to offer Stations of the Cross, through the tears of Creation, a stations of the cross service through the lens of the environmental and social concerns of our times. As part of that work we are assembling a virtual choir (recorded) to present two musical pieces:

  1. ‘O God, Creation's Secret Force’ (Common Praise #4, Tune: O Hieland, Reise, in parts), to be included in the Stations of the Cross service, and
  2. ‘Rejoice, Angelic Choirs, Rejoice’ (Common Praise #218, Tune: Mit freuden zart, in parts), to be offered to any parishes that would like to include it in their Easter Sunday online celebrations.

Interested singers, please contact Craig Hiebert (St Mary’s, Oak Bay, by Friday, 12 March, for full information as well as access to resources and links for uploading recordings. Deadline for receiving recordings will be Friday, 26 March.