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This initiative, which began April 1, has received both positive and negative responses. The positive are from healthcare workers thanking us for thinking about them. The common criticism is that creating noise during the day, when some healthcare workers might be sleeping, could have unanticipated negative consequences. For this reason, we are suggesting that parishes consider the best approach for their community at this time. 

The intention behind this initiative is to call our community to pray for and thank the frontline healthcare providers who are putting themselves on the line each and every day for the benefit of us all. Please find ways to show that you appreciate their efforts. This might include joining with daily 7pm (a typical shift-change time for many healthcare provider) noise-making efforts in your community. 

Whatever you decide to do, please continue to respect the two-meter distancing guidelines, stay home as much as possible and wash your hands (20sec or more) regularly. Let's all help continue to flatten the curve.


Beginning April 1 at 12pm and every Wednesday at this time until the health crisis is declared over, Bishop Logan McMenamie invited all parishes of the Anglican diocese of island and inlets to join together in ringing their church bells for five minutes to say thank you to Adrian Dix, Minister of Health, and Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.'s provincial health officer, and all front-line workers for all that they are doing to keep our communities safe during these difficult times.