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 The BC fire situation continues to worsen. Almost 40,000 British Columbians have now been displaced as one of the worst wildfire seasons in B.C.’s history continues. The Williams Lake and area (some 24,000 people) have been evacuated.The latest map of BC fires can be viewed on the government of BC website and at this time, the situation is serious. Thankfully, authorities have been really on the ball all week, and I’m sure that all people have been forewarned and prepared for this eventuality.

PWRDF is currently accepting donations for this emergency - learn more at All designated funds intended for emergency relief such as this go to the intended use, nothing is retained for administrative overhead.

Additionally, PWRDF partners with local parishes to get the fastest response possible. 

Geoff Strong, Ph.D
PWRDF Diocesan Representative
Co-Chair Diocesan Creation Matters Group
Atmospheric/Climate Scientist (ret.)