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On Sunday, September 20 at 4:30pm at Christ Church Cathedral, the Right Rev. Dr Logan McMenamie ordained the Rev'ds Gail Rodger and Matthew Humphrey to the sacred order of priesthood. Congratulations to Gail and Matthew! We share in the joy of your call to ministry amongst us.

We know there are parish communities, families and friends who were counting on participaing in this celebration by viewing it online. To all of you, we apologize. Unfortuately, due to multiple technical difficulties, the stream to YouTube and the cathedral and diocesan websites were not available, and the audio stream was lost on all platforms. We know you are disappointed, as are those involved in the planning.

During these unprecidented times, as we try new things and learn new technologies in order to be able to share the experience normally provided in person, we Inevitably run the risk of mistakes being made and critical systems failing. Such was the case in this event. As with all failures, lessons have been learned and we are better equipped for the next time — in this case that is the upcoming electoral synod.

We had hoped to be able to recover the audio stream and to share it with you all. This has not been possible. However, below you will find a copy of order of service, as promised. 

We are also including here the video stream of the service for those wishing to watch and follow along with the order of service. We are sorry we cannot provide more.