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Fly on the Wall

This article also appears in the April 2018 issue of the Diocesan Post

This regular column reports on the activities and actions of Diocesan Council—the “synod between synods” of our diocese. Minutes of Diocesan Council meetings are available online once they have been approved at its subsequent meeting.

With the cancellation of its January meeting (lack of quorum), many of the agenda items from January had to be brought forward to the February meeting of Diocesan Council.

Asset Management

The diocesan asset manager (Peter Daniel) and registrar (Nathan Lampard) presented a motion requesting Diocesan Council approval to form a Social Housing Committee. This new advisory committee would advise and make recommendations to Diocesan Council on the governance and management of financial risks associated with housing and development initiatives of the diocese. The motion was debated and tabled pending further information to be brought back to the March meeting.


Gail Gauthier, finance officer, presented the 2018 narrative budget with an anticipated deficit of $130,700. As part of developing a five-year financial plan for the diocese, she also provided speculative figures for 2019 to 2023 which emphasized the need to implement a diocesan-wide fundraising effort, as anticipated at Synod in 2016. This information was also presented at the recent regional gatherings in preparation for Synod. The narrative budget is available online at


A presentation by Brian Evans updating plans for the implementation of a diocesan fundraising initiative was postponed to the April meeting. This was due, in part to the recent engagement of a professional fundraising firm to assist diocesan leadership in developing what is called a “Case for Support” which will drive our fundraising efforts at the diocesan level.

Synod 2018

With the concurrence of the bishop, Diocesan Council voted to reschedule Synod (previously planned for April 20-22) to the last weekend of September (28-30). A pastoral letter from the bishop was sent to parishes on March 1, 2018 explaining the need to postpone. This letter can be found online at

Lay Ministry and Leadership Formation

A presentation was made by council members, David Buckman and Jeannette Muzio, regarding the establishment of a “Community of Learning” which would oversee the development and implementation of lay leadership formation opportunities in the life of the diocese. The first learning module—Conflict: Language and Resolution—is being offered this month. For more information visit the calendar of events.