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Michael Wolff has accepted the bishop's appointment of him as registrar for the diocese. 

The registrar works with the bishop's office and the diocesan archivist to ensure the integrity of the records (e.g., Bishop Act Book, licensing and appointments of clergy, major parish changes) of the diocese are correct and kept up-to-date. The registrar is an officer of Synod and is specifically responsible for ensuring proper records is kept during a synod. 

Michael is a warden and treasurer at Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria. He lives in Fairfield with his wife Gail, their daughter Alice, and their tabby Simba. Their older daughter, Philippa, lives in London, England. 

Called to the bar in 1982, Michael worked in private practice for 9 years and then for thirty years for the Government of Canada. Michael grew up in a rectory and has been involved with church activities from a young age.  He was a server, chorister, and communion administrator.   He has been a member of parish council, a synod delegate and a warden in Victoria and Ottawa.  

Michael was a member of the diocesan council in the 1980s, the 1990s, and since 2018.  He was a member of General Synod in 1989, 1992 and 2019.