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On a beautiful autumnal day, October 4, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, at St. Peter, Campbell River, the Ven. Lincoln McKoen was officially inducted as rector of the parish.  Bishop Logan McMenamie officiated and, since McKoen is the archdeacon for the Nimpkish region, the Ven. Clara Plamondon, archdeacon for the Cowichan/Malaspina region, served in that necessary capacity.         

The liturgy contained the usual components of an induction covenant, with questions asked and answered of both the incumbent and congregation – promises made of commitment and service, promises made of support and shared ministry – witnessed by all. The usual and symbolic handing over of the church keys and the seating of the incumbent in the presider’s chair took place.            

It was the perfect feast to pray verses from Ps. 148 and to hear portions of the liturgy of the Islands and the Inlets used in the eucharistic part of the service.  It was an appropriate occasion to hear a portion of Matthew 11 proclaimed, especially verses 28-30, upon which McKoen preached.  Admitting that as priest he is to bring Jesus to that congregation, he said that, “We are all the royal priesthood of God. (As) ambassadors for and followers of Christ, everyone here is to bring Jesus to others.  When each of us leaves here are we consciously aware that we take Jesus with us?  Aware that we should reflect Jesus?”

McKoen reminded the assembly of the transformative power of Jesus. “We must be prepared to change, and in our faith, actions and words bring the possibility of transformation to others.” That means being aware of others’ burdens, he said. “It’s about love: that’s the yoke Jesus offers. Love is the burden we’re told is light.”            

The hymns chosen enhanced the liturgy, affirming that we gathered to rejoice and be thankful for creation, gathered to celebrate new promise and shared ministry, gathered at this both joyful and solemn time to ask for the grace and strength to bear Christ’s yoke of love.            

Photo credit: Phyllis Thompson  
Photo: Left of Bishop Logan in the photo are Rev. Lincoln McKoen and his wife, Rev. Tanya Packer-McKoen, as the clergy in attendance show their delight at McKoen’s induction.