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Last year in October, the Diocese hosted Mary Parmer, the founder of Invite Welcome Connect, for a powerful two-day workshop on parish growth and vitality. Since then, Sr. Ingrid Andersen (Church of the Advent, Colwood) has been receiving enthusiastic emails asking about the next steps for parishes that want to learn more and wish to implement their learnings.

Since October, Sr. Ingrid has been in discussion with Mary Parmer and the Board of Invite Welcome Connect about ways we can go beyond a book study to provide skills training for our Diocese. New online course material to be used by small groups within parishes is in development, and it is planned for release in May/June.  The purpose of this course is to teach those who have not been able to attend the initial training as well as to assist those who did attend the workshops to implement Invite Welcome Connect principles in their parishes.

Please sign up HERE if you would like to be placed on a list for more information.