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by Sandra Ryan

Forgiving—I believe in my heart that this may be the greatest power that God the Creator of all of us bestowed on us when we were born into the spirit of Jesus, our teacher, and his example of what is required of us when we live a holy life.  

As God’s children, we are expected to respect others in order to support and nurture each other. This is part of his commandments that we must follow daily in everything we do. The greatest example of this can be found in the knowledge of the survivors of great wrongs imposed on them. Their example of survival demonstrates the power of creation and the Creator in the life plan for all of us as his children.

We all have played a part in not controlling our actions towards others at some time in our lives. May God the Creator send down his great spirit of love and make the world, and especially the church, our safe haven.  

Sandra Ryan is a member of St. John the Divine, Courtenay, is involved with Aboriginal Neighbours and is a director at Wachiay and Indigenous Education.


Photo credit: Austin Smith