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Fly on the Wall

This article also appears in the May 2018 issue of the Diocesan Post

This regular column reports on the activities and actions of Diocesan Council—the “synod between synods” of our diocese. Minutes of Diocesan Council meetings are available online once they have been approved at its subsequent meeting. 


Diocesan Council approved a draw by St Luke, Cedar Hill for the full amount of its Rector’s Discretionary Fund (approx. $13,000) from its Consolidated Trust Fund (CTF). Council also approved a parish grant to Emmaus & Abbey Church for $5,000.

Diocesan Council received recommendations from Finance Committee to approve two applications to Anglican Foundation of Canada (AFC) including: $5,000 St John the Baptist, Duncan, for fencing and $10,000 St John the Divine, Victoria, for new doors and archway for the chapel. The motion to approve was passed. These applications will be forwarded to Anglican Foundation for consideration. The next deadline for grant applications to AFC is September 1. The diocesan deadline for applications is July 30.

Diocesan Council also approved five applications for a total of $47, 500 in Vision Fund grants. The complete list of grants can be found on the diocesan website

Other Actions

Approved: Appointment of Conrad Nyren to Christ Church Cathedral Buildings Ltd.

Stewardship and Financial Campaign

Brian Evans, stewardship officer, updated Diocesan Council on the work being done to prepare a case for support for a diocesan-wide financial campaign. A draft case for support will be presented to Council at its May 28 meeting. A five-year financial plan, including a fundraising campaign, will be presented to Synod September 28-30 for approval. Brian also updated Council on his activities, including adopting the national church’s stewardship program and making himself available to parishes across the diocese to introduce the program. To date Brian has visited three parishes to offer stewardship workshops.

Other Actions

The bishop has established a task team on diocesan housing societies to report to Diocesan Council on the following:

  1. Review the reporting and financial relationship between Diocesan Council and all housing societies in the diocese.
  2. Examine the feasibility and necessity of a sub-committee of Diocesan Council to have oversight of the housing societies in the diocese.
  3. Help Diocesan Council understand and respond to the oversight if discovered that it is necessary.

Regional Gatherings

Catherine Pate, communications officer reported to Council on the four regional gatherings held across the diocese in February/March. The feedback about these events was overwhelmingly positive. A complete report is available online.