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As we build-up our online presence through the diocesan-wide web strategy, we are making more and more content available on our diocesan website. Integrating our e-news with the new website has been the next logical step in our diocesan communications strategy. This new e-news will be distributed monthly to anyone wishing to receive it. Simply click here to be added to our mailing list or use the subscription form at the bottom of our website. But don't keep it to yourself! Pass it on each month to someone you think might like to receive it so they too can subscribe.

Your Parish Can Do This Too!

This newsletter feature is available through any website on the Ascend Collective web platform. If you are already part of the diocesan-wide website program simply contact Ascend Collective to add this feature to your site for $9/month for up to 200 subscribers (not covered in the diocesan grant). If you aren't yet on board with the diocesan program, what are you waiting for? Contact Ascend Collective and join us!