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God willing, the Reverend Anna Greenwood-Lee, who was elected the 14th bishop of the diocese of British Columbia on September 26, will be consecrated bishop on January 30, 2021, at eleven o’clock in the morning.

As is traditional, the service will take place at Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria and will lead Bishop-elect Anna through the two-step process of first being consecrated to the Order of Bishop and then being seated in the cathedra. Don’t mistake “cathedra” for a typo! We mean “the bishop’s seat,” which Bishop-elect Anna will reach by first banging her newly acquired crozier (hooked staff) on the doors of the cathedral and then, should she be admitted, being escorted by the dean to the cathedra behind the altar, officially taking her seat in the cathedral. While the service is traditional in its liturgy, during these pandemic days, some aspects of the event will be different than usual. For one, the service will have a strict limit of 50 in-person participants and guests, all by invitation only. All five of the provincial bishops will be in attendance, including the Coadjutor Bishop John Stephens of the Diocese of New Westminster, who will have only been consecrated and installed the Saturday before—with Bishop-elect Anna preaching at his consecration! The second adjustment to the norm will be that the whole service will be filmed and live-streamed via the internet.

The event will be live-streamed on the diocesan website, YouTube channel and Facebook page