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Wally Eamer walks to experience the world unfiltered, find peace, and search for God’s
spiritual truths.

Since nearly dying from a gunshot wound during a robbery in Honduras in 1998, Eamer has
been searching for answers.

While he will never find all the answers, the questions are clearer when he is walking.
Last year Eamer was one of the hundreds of thousands of people who walked El Camino de
Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain. He returned convinced that a similar walk could
become popular on Vancouver Island.

The Metchosin Pilgrimage was conceived after discussions with the Reverend Aneeta Saroop
and volunteers at the parish of St Mary of the Incarnation.

The first walk is March 30 along the Galloping Goose trail from Sooke River Road to
Metchosin. There are various start points. You can walk as far as you desire but the destination
is the heritage churchyard where you’ll be greeted by thousands of lilies blooming in the

The day ends just up the road with a pilgrim’s meal, and a chance to swap stories with other

“This can be a search for spirituality, a walk of commemoration, a walk of renewal, or
just a bit of exercise with friends.” said Eamer. “The main focus is to walk. Walking leads you to unexpected places.”

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