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By Ed Lewis

Over 130 people attended a Festal Evensong on Sunday, May 28 at Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria, to help launch an exciting initiative known as “The Friends of Christ Church Cathedral.”

Malcom Read, co-chair of “The Friends”, welcomed the congregation and invited them to fully join in the worship, celebration and the launching of a new endeavour for the Cathedral. The St. Christopher Singers, under the direction of Madelaine Humer, led the service. Following the service was a reception and an opportunity to learn more about the program as well as time to become a member.

In his welcome, Read explained, “Friends is intended to extend our Cathedral family, to invite others to join us in a somewhat more formal way to bring to us—both broad and common interests-- that may challenge us and help us to grow.”

He went on to say, “Friends is intended to hold together in a reciprocal relationship all those who love the cathedral and who desire to help in preserving and beautifying for posterity the fabric of this beautiful building and in maintaining the daily worship, prayer and place of sanctuary provided in this space.”

The present cathedral has served the community of Victoria and the Diocese of B.C. for almost 90 years. As a ‘cathedral for the city’, Christ Church serves the spiritual, social and cultural needs of the city and the diocese. It provides a parish home for more than 400 people.

Countless thousands more visit the cathedral each year to admire the grandeur of the soaring interior, find a place of peace for prayer and meditation, join in one or more of the 19 worship services each week and enjoy glorious music and art. Regardless of their reason for entering the building, all experience the holiness of the cathedral and are often in awe of the splendour of the space.

During the reception that followed the service, many of those who attended answered the challenge and became “Friends.”

To date there are 66 members who have joined “Friends.” That number is almost equally divided with 32 single and 34 family memberships. Of the 66 Friends, 44 are cathedral parishioners and 22 are not.

Readers are invited to become Friends of the Cathedral and help contribute to conserving and adding to the beauty of this special place. Friends will also help build the community, form lasting relationships and provide interesting events.

More about “The Friends of The Cathedral” can be found on the cathedral’s website or by emailing the leadership. 


Photo by: Catherine Allen