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Today, Bishop Logan McMenamie sent a pastoral letter to all members of the diocese (via the clergy) calling on them to "reject any interpretation of scripture that discriminates against others on any grounds including age, cultural background, gender, origin, religion, physical or mental health or ability, fertility, marital status or sexual orientation."

The letter was written in response to a statement by a group of Evangelical Christians in the USA. The "Nashville Statement" is an attempt to set out who can and cannot be part of the church based on particular interpretation of scripture which condones discriminating against people based on gender identity, sexual orientation and certain behaviours.

In his pastoral letter, Bishop McMenamie reminds Anglicans of the diocese that as a church called to Christ's example of reconciliation and acceptance, they are called to "build up the body of Christ, not to tear it down," and affirms that the diocese will not use scripture as a weapon to discriminate against those who seek to know Jesus. A copy of the bishop's "Youbou Statement" is available here for download.