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Dear friends,

We, as a diocese, condemn the attack on the mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. We abhor any violence, especially that against innocent, peaceful people at prayer. I call on Anglicans across these islands and inlets to pray for our Muslim sisters and brothers. I also invite the clergy and other lay leadership to reach out to the mosques in their communities to show them solidarity.

Attacks such as these sadly remind us of the violence that is very close to the surface of every society. It calls for us all to work even harder for peace and to support the multifaith communities in our neighbourhoods. Change begins when we respond to racism in our communities by speaking out and not accepting it at any level of society.

Please take time on Sunday, March 17 to pray for the victims of this attack. I ask you make it a part of your Lenten discipleship to both pray for an end to racism and practice inclusivity and acceptance in your own life.

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Logan