As the official publication of the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia, Diocesan Post celebrates what God is doing through the people of the Anglican church on these islands and inlets and seeks to inspire, educate and encourage them towards a discipleship formed through theological engagement and social action.

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  • Reflects and promotes our shared diocesan vision as it is lived out in the parish, region and diocesan community.
  • Promotes engagement by our readers in the form of editorial content and letters to the editor.
  • Stimulates dialogue between Anglicans on these islands and inlets, and promotes a sense of unity and community throughout the diocese.
  • Connects our readers to the Anglican church, both nationally and internationally.

Mailing Schedule

Submission to Diocesan Post are due on the 25th of each month for the issue to be published two months after (i.e. February 25 for April issue). Below are the dates each issue is mailed out. 

Beginning in the fall of 2020, we will produce four print issues/yr. Monthly issues will still be available for download each month. 

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December 16-Nov-20
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March 22-Feb-21
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September 23-Aug-21
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December 23-Nov-21

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