Our diocesan council consists of the following:


Bishop - Anna Greenwood-Lee
Dean - Ansley Tucker
Chancellor - Robert Gill
Treasurer - Barbara Underhill
Registrar - Nathan Lampard
Clerical Secretary - Paul Schumacher
Lay secretary - Elaine Ellison

Regional Representatives

Heather Cutten, Cowichan/Malaspina
Ed Norman, Cowichan/Malaspina
Juli Mallett, Haro
Walter Stewart, Haro
Denise Ropp, Nimpkish
Lynn Schumacher, Selkirk
Craig Hiebert, Tolmie

Elected at Synod

Dawna Wall
Clara Plamondon
Penny Holt
Don Wilson
Michael Wolff
Joan Hoffman


David Chillman (currently on leave)
Boyd Shaw


Ash Blair
Amber Santarelli (guest)

Staff (non-voting)

Barry Foster, executive archdeacon
Gail Gauthier, director of finance
Catherine Pate, director of communications