Just as the church was renewed and transformed 1500 years ago on a few small islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, so it is being renewed and transformed today on these islands and inlets.

In 2014, the Diocese of British Columbia began a process of discernment; one of listening to where the Holy Spirit is leading the Anglican church here in this time and place. Together, we have felt God calling us to Renewed Hearts, Renewed Spirits and Renewed People. Today, we are living out that vision—in our families, our parishes, our regions, and as a diocesan community of faith.

Imagine with God's help...

...the deep roots of the church community you know and love extending into the future—continuing its mission and ministry, spreading the good news and proclaiming the hope of Christ Jesus for generations to come.

As a diocese, God has given us a visionRenewed Hearts, Renewed Spirits, Renewed Peopleto carry us forward together as the Anglican church on these islands and inlets. Each parish of our diocese is in the process of discerning what part of our vision God is calling it to focus on in this time and in this place, and to dream together about how to invest its time, talents and resources to respond to that call. This process is called Transforming Futures. Once the parish visions have been developed, the fundraising activity of Transforming Futures begins and enables us collectively to live into that vision. You can learn more about Transforming Futures here.