The asset management office is responsible for assisting parishes in the oversight of the land and buildings in the diocese. Diocesan assets are substantial. Over 100 land parcels and 45 churches are wholly owned by the diocese. The diocese also owns one housing corporation and controls several housing societies.

The asset management office arranges for lease, sale, purchase and business planning for diocesan assets. It is working on a longer term 25-40-year capital plan to better utilize some of the assets and to invest in housing and educational initiatives to support the diocesan vision.  

As part of its responsibility, the asset management office recommends capital projects to the diocesan finance committee. 

Currently, as required by the canons, capital projects over $20,000 require approval of these committees. All capital projects over $250,000 require the oversight of the asset manager or consultants approved by the asset manager.

This team is also responsible for the oversight of our login-restricted asset management database which is a comprehensive resource for parishes and includes important information including titles and other legal documents, photographic archives and much more. Contact your parish officers for more information on how to access this database.