Carla Leon

Today (both with and without Covid-19) the world is changing fast. Many of us our looking for new ways of supporting important ministries without relying entirely on the offerings of congregants.

More and more, communities are combining a viable business model and ministry. A secondhand store is a common example of this approach.  

This webinar introduces the concept of social enterprise and how the United Church of Canada is using this model to extend its reach further into the communities it serves.

About Carla

Carla is the lead for innovation at the United Church of Canada. Previously she worked at Coca-Cola Canada, McCain Foods and Canadian Pacific Railway. 10 years ago, she started her own consulting business and quickly pivoted it into Small Business Solver, a leading pay-what-you-can small business resource used worldwide.

Over the last seven years, Carla has worked with the United Church of Canada where she launched Buying United, Embracing the Spirit, the Social Innovation Challenge and most recently a coaching program.

She works directly in supporting their 400 new initiatives that have been funded through Embracing the Spirit, the 600 social innovations that have launched through the Social Innovation Challenge, and working directly with communities of faith to help them reimagine church outside of Sunday. Here is an example of one such initiative.