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As we face another pandemic year in ministry together, parish budgets are insecure and it continues to be impossible to predict what 2022 will bring.

The synod finance department worked tirelessly in 2020-2021 to secure government funding to undergird parish finances (representing nearly $1.375M).

Synod communications invested a portion of its 2021 synod budget to ensure parishes across the diocese had access to some of the technology tools necessary (websites, Zoom and Vimeo) for communities to continue to do ministry together online.

This year, as with 2020 and 2021, the synod is once again including in the 2022 budget parish Zoom licenses (one/parish) and 50% of the parish website expenses, along with a shared Vimeo license, representing almost $15,000 in effective communications across the diocese.

Looking ahead

In 2023, the synod will continue to absorb the Vimeo storage and live streaming costs and will turn responsibility over to the parishes to pay website and Zoom license expenses.

This is all part of our ongoing work to live out our shared diocesan vision. To learn more visit the vision section of the diocesan website.

As parishes prepare for their annual general meeting/vestry, this will be welcome news during these fiscally lean times and continued uncertainty.