Thank you for considering serving the church in this way. We want you to have all the information you need to do so effectively (and even have a little fun doing it!).

So You Want to Be A Synod Delegate?

Here is what you should know

As a member of Synod you are to:

  • Faithfully discern, implement, monitor and adjust the priorities and plans for our shared vision and ministry within the diocese. 
  • Serve as an active, contributing member of your parish council, providing a critical link between your congregation and the diocese.

Before Synod

  • Participate in regional gatherings (this is where clerical and lay delegates from the region are elected to Diocesan Council and youth delegates are elected to Synod) and to report back to your parish in a timely manner about these gatherings.
  • Read the convening circular, reviewing reports and motions and considering prayerfully the issues coming before Synod.
  • Orient yourself with the Synod Manual to better understand procedures once you reach the floor of Synod.
  • Acquaint yourself with the Canons and Regulations of the diocese.
  • If an important matter doesn’t appear in the convening circular, consider drafting a motion and sending it to the secretaries of Synod (email lay secretary or clerical secretary)
  • Share highlights (issues, motions, election results and other matters) with your parish council and other members of your parish.
  • Meet with the other delegates from your parish to discuss what will be coming to Synod (remember, once at Synod you represent only yourself – not your parish).
  • Pray for the bishop, delegates and other diocesan leaders.
  • Consider standing for a committee.

During Synod

  • Listen carefully to the Bishop’s Charge
  • Listen carefully to presentations, motions and debates
  • Participate in worship
  • Vote—and remember, you are representing only yourself. Cast your vote based on your understanding and opinion on the matter, not as a representative from your parish. Abstention (not voting) is not permitted.

After Synod

  • Be a positive ambassador for Synod in your parish 
  • Report back to the congregation on the events and decisions of Synod
  • Support Synod decisions even when you personally disagree. 
  • Read and share information from Diocesan Council minutes (found on the diocesan website) and post-Synod articles in Faith Tides.
  • If you are a member of a committee or Diocesan Council, attend regularly and report back to your parish.        

Delegate or Member?

You are a delegate only if you are lay person elected to Synod by a parish or region. A delegate (or substitute) becomes a member of Synod when they arrive at Synod and register. All licensed clergy are members.  

Know What You are Signing-Up For

Be sure you understand the time commitment required as a member of any committee prior to saying “yes". Speak to your parish clergy or warden for more information. 

Available Downloads

"Do You Want to Be a Synod Delegate?" brochure

Lay Delegate Position Description (for parish office use)