Greening Faith: An Introduction to Ecotheology

Dr. Thatamanil outlines the historical roots of the fairly new area of theology called “ecotheology. ”He begins by addressing the question, “is Christianity the root of our ecological crisis?" -- an allegation that has been levied by some. He argues that Christianity as a whole is not to blame, but that the theological assumptions of a particular form of early modern Christianity--assumptions that are in some cases still with us, has certainly helped to lead us to the current ecological crisis. Dr. Thatamanil then leads us through the perspectives of a variety of Christian theologians and others who understand the care of our planet to be a calling of the Christian faith. In essence, Dr. Thatamanil helps us to “think” theologically and invites us to see that changing the way we think about our relationship to the natural world might help us to save the planet that sustains us.