Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I feel I am being bullied or placed into a disrespectful work environment by a colleague or superior?

Please speak to your incumbent about any challenges with bullying or disrespectful work environments. They will help you resolve your concerns.

The safe church liaison is someone who should be viewed as a supportive arm of the  synod office. It is an adminstrative position and should not be approached in any other capacity. 

Do children under the age of 19 have to complete safe church training?

If a teenager who is not yet legally 19 years of age is working with children in any type of leadership role (for example, camp leader, Sunday school assistant etc.), then they are required to complete Safe Church training. Training is required according to the role an individual is performing. Age is irrelevant.   

At parish events, which volunteers require safe church training?

Most parish volunteers will require safe church training and should have a valid CRC on file. There are some exceptions so use the Big Four Rule to help make that decision.

The Big Four!

1. Are they in a position of leadership or authority?​

2. Are they handling money or making financial decisions?​

3. Are they supervising or working with children or vulnerable people?

4. Do they have a key to the church?

Can employees be run through the online CRRP program?

No. The Anglican Diocese of BC only qualifies a volunteer account.  

Can volunteers still go and get PICs?

Yes, if they wish. The parish safe church liaison will need to provide a letter stating they are a volunteer and require a vulnerable sector check. It will allow the Police to waive the PIC fee. 

 Who pays the fees to have a PIC processed for an employee at a parish?

The parish is responsible for reimbursing each employee. Employees should provide parishes with receipts and an invoice.  

If I have safe church training questions that are not answered on the website, whom should I ask?

Please ask your parish safe church liaison. They will provide you with the information about CRCs, PICs and safe church training. If they cannot answer your question, they will ask the synod office on your behalf.

Can you provide some examples of roles within the parish that do not require a CRC and safechurch?

Volunteer choir members or readers within a church service are good examples. Neither role works with vulnerable people, is in a position of leadership, handles money or has/requires a key to the church. An example, of choir member needing a PIC and safechurch training would be a choral scholar. They are paid and in a position of leadership in that they are responsible for carrying or vocally leading their section of the choir.