UPDATED: August 2023

Duties of the Safe Church Liaison  

The Safe Church Liaison is an important part of the team that ensures our parishes are places of safety and support. Each parish will nominate a volunteer to hold this position and they will work with the synod office to complete the following:

  1. Complete liaison training with the Safe Church coordinator, Anna van der Hooft. 
  2. Attend an annual meeting (online) for updates every June.
  3. Keep an accurate record about who needs to complete Safe Church training and who needs a completed Criminal Record Check (CRC) or Police Information Check (PIC) for the next training year.
  4.  Update the synod office about expired training or new training required.
  5. Provide the synod office with a list of people that require Praesidium accounts. 
  6. Provide parishioners with the list of modules they must complete for safe church training. 
  7. Follow-up with the parish administrator and incumbent to ensure that all children's programming is following the synod office guidelines.
  8. To update the incumbent and parish administrator that all volunteers and employees and clergy have completed both the safe church training and have valid CRCs or PICs on file at the synod office. 
  9. To submit all signed Policy Forms to the synod office.

For any questions from current safe church liaisons or about becoming a safe church liaison in your parish, please contact safechurch@bc.anglican.ca.