Meet Brian Evans : Our New Stewardship Officer

Meet Brian Evans : Our New Stewardship Officer

Brian Evans was ordained in the Diocese of Saskatchewan at St. Alban's Cathedral, Prince Albert—as deacon on April 30, 1989 and priest on June 3 (Pentecost), 1990. He served in parish ministry at St. Alban's Cathedral, St. Matthew's Tisdale (Diocese of Saskatchewan) and Holy Trinity Yorkton (Diocese of Qu'Appelle).

In 2004, he accepted the appointment as rector, St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Nanaimo. During his tenure at St. Paul’s, he also served on Diocesan Council, as regional dean and archdeacon of Cowichan/Malaspina. He served on General Synod in 2010 and six years on the executive of Provincial Synod.

Evans brings extensive experience to his new position. Prior to moving to Vancouver Island, he served as development officer at the College of Emmanuel and St. Chad (Saskatoon). In addition to his work at the college, he also worked in parish supply for the Diocese of Saskatoon. Evans served on Diocesan Council in the Dioceses of Saskatchewan and Qu'Appelle, as well as on Provincial Synod. Before entering seminary, he worked as an administrator in local government for 16 years.

In his new position, he will be responsible for “animating the faithful stewardship of the gifts of Anglicans across our diocese; gifts first given to us by the Creator.” He will help develop and implement financial campaigns, address parish stewardship issues and raise the profile of legacy gifts. Evans has chosen a theme for his tenure—Moving from the House of Fear to the House of Love. The phrase is taken from the book, 8 Habits of Love by Ed Bacon. Bacon believes there are 8 Habits of Love (Generosity, Stillness, Truth, Candor, Forgiveness, Compassion and Community) that help reject fear and, instead, embrace the immense power and grace within us all. Evans feels that if we put these practices into our daily lives we will create a healthy trust within the community we serve.

He thinks the main challenges of his new position will be the diocesan financial campaign, assisting parishes in annual stewardship programs and legacy planning (planned giving). He says that Canadians are on the threshold of the largest generational transfer of funds and notes that many of these funds are going to worthy and credible charities and institutions. The challenge for us as church will be to be part of this transfer. Evans has a passion for “whole life” stewardship. He fears most people will only see his work in relation to money. He believes our witness to the Gospel of Good News begins with worship and builds from there. He is a firm believer in excellence in liturgy, music and sound preaching. He believes they are at the root of building vital worshipping communities and that when we can build vital congregations, we will have renewed parish life. He feels the first step goes back to making the journey from a House of Fear to a House of Love.


Photo by Syd Langhelt